It is with deep sense of gratitude that I sincerely welcome all students of this department to this academic year. To the new students, I say you are lucky to be part of this department that forms the foundation of medical education. To the returning students, I congratulate you on your academic performance in the past sessions and it is my hope that you will exhibit a better understanding of the environment in the department in this New Year.

Over the years, majority of our students pass through the department without knowing what is required of them in the department, and so are ignorant of their environment. They grope in the dark for a long time and end up making lots of costly mistakes.

This student hand book therefore is intended to furnish the student with the relevant information needed for self-accomplishment in the department of Anatomy. It is indeed an important compilation that explains the academic and non-academic requirements from students. It is therefore important that every student will read, understand and put to use whatever experiences gained towards their learning and improvement of relationships in the Department and the University.

It is the sincere belief of the leadership of this department that all students will conduct themselves in good manners throughout their stay in the Department.

Once again, I welcome you to the Department of Anatomy and wish you success in all your academic endeavours.